Sign up now for Amy Friend Workshop

Email if you would like a spot at the Amy Friend workshop on March 7, 2021. The cost for members is just $60. (Not open at this time for non members, check at beginning of February or contact us.) It is a day long virtual workshop. Her website is

This is her description of the workshop: Designing Paper Pieced Curves

“I love designing paper pieced curves. In this workshop, I will lead you through a series of exercises where you will design 6 paper pieced blocks, each with a different type of curve. Because you will be drawing your own blocks, everyone’s finished piece will be unique! We will also learn about modern quilt layouts that include negative space and alternate grid work. Using our paper pieced curves, negative space and alternate gridwork, we’ll each create an 18″ mini quilt or pillow cover. “

Holly Jolly Fun

Those that were able to make it to our December swap meet really enjoyed catching up. There were raffle items, block lotto exchanges, our toiletries drive for Orangewood, masks by Dawn and a look at our fantastic Quiltcon at Home quilt for 2021. It made us all hopeful for the coming year. So many wonderful quilty friends! Our next swap meet up will probably be in the Spring.

December Swap Meet

  • December 6th, 2020
  • Lisa Handley’s Driveway 
  • Party Time:  1 pm to 4 pm
  • Bring Chairs, and Stay Awhile!
  • COVID Safe Refreshments & Good Cheer
  • Holiday Mask (required) and / or Attire!
  • Raffle – $1 per ticket / 6 for $5
    • Drawing at 3:30 pm 
  • Drop off Philanthropy Items & Quilts
  • Drop off  November Challenge and Book for Orangewood
  • Hygiene Kits for Orangewood
  • Pick Up Items
  • Drop off Block Lotto/ Receive new Block Lottos
  • Any questions-

Block Lotto – July 2020

Quilt as You Go is your challenge for July. Each kit has a square of batting and three colors. There are two ways to go about making your block.

OPTION 1 – Sew your scraps into a block that finishes about ~7×7. Lay your finished block over the batting. Quilt as desired. No need for backing at this time. For an example, see:

OPTION 2 – Alternatively, cut your fabric into smaller scraps. Sew the scrap right side up onto the batting.

Then you will….

Quilt over the scrap to secure in place. Straight-line quilting looks very good in this method.

Grab your next scrap. Lay fabric right side down, overlapping the previous piece. Sew the seam in place.

Fold the second scrap over (right side now up) and fold down onto the batting.

Quilt this second piece as you go.

Online tutorials:


Block Lotto – June 2020

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make a cactus or succulent inspired block. Design your own or take a peek at the resources below. You can put your cactus in a pot, add a flower or prickly pear, and I think these cactus block could lend themselves well to some embroidery embellishments. Any size and any shape welcome. Any technique too!

Fabric kit is free this month. 1 kit per member available for pick up at the Swap & Meet. Color palette is white fabric for the background, greens for the cacti, and bright colors for pots and flowers.

Resources and Inspiration:

April 2020 Meeting

We held our first online meeting. A recording of the meeting is posted to our private Facebook page, members can check it out there.  Here’s the President’s message and the slides from Kelly’s presentation on creativity. 


President’s Message

Like many of you, I have just completed my 7th week of physical distancing.  We, unfortunately, still don’t know how long this this will last,    As our member, Sam, commented on a photo I posted last night on Instagram regarding our meeting last night – “So fun! Definitely nice to have a little normalcy in our not so normal time”.  But I know we are stronger than we think – we can take charge of our lives right now.  No need to wait until things come back to normal.  And last night was a great start to establishing some normal!

Thank you to those members that joined us for our first virtual meeting!  It was a lot of fun to see everyone and chatted about what each of you have been doing.

I opened the meeting talking about Quilting ourselves to a healthier lifestyle.  I thought I would share what I said, for you to take in and think about how quilting has benefited your life.  Enjoy!

Everyone has had their own path when it comes to quilting.  Some of us learn from family and friends and others just found our way to it.  Regardless of how we got into quilting, the skills we have learned have more benefits than we may realize.

There is an estimate of somewhere between 7 – 10 million quilters in the US. We already know how quilting can have positive impact on our lives.  But studies have shown quilting can have not only a healing effect on the mind but the art of quilting may help restore or maintain our health.

There are many aspects to quilting that have been uncovered:

·         Productive use of time

·         Engaging in Creativity

·         Colors are psychologically uplifting

·         Quilting is challenging, demands concentration.

·         We experience a flow or meditative state while quilting

·         The affirmation from others boosted our self-esteem

·         Finding a purpose which helps extend our life

·         Effective way to combat depression

·         And, quilts are often given altruistically which gives quilting an added purpose.

Not only does quilting have cognitive and emotional aspects, but it has long since been a social activity.

·         Where strong social network are formed and fostered

·         Long term friendships are created and nurtured

·         Overcome the loneliness we may experience

·         Many of us participate in Quilting Bees, Retreats, Conventions, Classes, Online groups and, of course, our guild.

And being a part of our Guild is the Best Social Club!  It’s our community!  We have many titles – whether we consider ourselves creators, quilters, quilt top makers or artists, it’s hard to argue the benefits that quilting brings into our lives.

I hope that last night we provided an opportunity for you to continue to stay healthy while staying at home and provided a little bit of normal. 

Happy Quilting, Lisa Handley

Creativity Presentation

Creativity Presentation


Thank you to all who were able to make it to our April Meeting!  Welcome to our new members and guest.  

New Name Tags – Thank you Shannon S for making the guild all new name tags for the guild! They look great!

Philanthropy – Thank you to Ann A. for all the hard work she has put into philanthropy.  She will moving to Pennsylvania. We will miss you!

Block Lotto– We had two winners for last month’s block lotto since we got SO many blocks back! Mays block lotto uses snowballed corners to create X’s.

Next Challenge – Sandra gave a wonderful presentation about what A-symmetry is and how it is used in Art and Quilting!

·     August Challenge: A-symmetry design

  • 12 x 12 minimum
  • Group or Individual entries accepted
  • Must be finished and bound
  • Awards will be based on Member’s Choice, Best Use of A-Symmtery, Best Modern Design

Quilters Journey – Susan gave a wonderful walk through of her quilting journey with MANY examples!

Show and Tell

Mark Your Calendars

·     Thursday, June 27th: Monthly Guild Meeting

·     Sunday, July 14th: Monthly Sew In, 12-5 at the Los Olivos Room (clubhouse 2)

·     Thursday, July 25th: Monthly Guild Meeting

·     August Monthly Meeting:  Next Challenge Quilt Due

September 2018 Meeting

This month was the due date for our Artful August Challenge (pushed back to September). Our members brought the quilts that they had made that were inspired by art or architecture. Just look at all the amazing entries!

The Winner’s Circle! Gail won 1st, Ann won 2nd, and Ruth won 3rd

Handmade prize ribbons


Back of Ruth’s quilt

Ann’s quilt was inspired by Gustav Klimt

Gail’s quilt was inspired by David Hockney

Vicki’s quilt was inspired by stained glass windows

Ann’s quilt was inspired by the LA skyline

Susan’s quilt was inspired the women’s movement

Julie’s quilt was inspired by American Gothic

Bunnie made this quilt at a workshop

Block Lotto

Next month’s Block Lotto!

Show & Tell

Sandy show and tell


Karen M. show and tell


Vicki’s Tula Pink quilt

Shannon show and tell


Erin Dollar – Guest Speaker

Thank you to our Guest Speaker, Erin Dollar with Cotton and Flax, that has shared her path on how she became a textile designer.  She is a fabric designer for Robert Kaufman.  Her first fabric line, Arroyo, is in stores now!  Her new Fabric line, Balboa, will be shipping to stores starting in November!  Both lines are a linen cotton blend.  You can follow her on instagram  at @cottonandflax. Go follow her and check out her website to see what is coming soon!

Guest speaker: