April 2020 Meeting

We held our first online meeting. A recording of the meeting is posted to our private Facebook page, members can check it out there.  Here’s the President’s message and the slides from Kelly’s presentation on creativity. 


President’s Message

Like many of you, I have just completed my 7th week of physical distancing.  We, unfortunately, still don’t know how long this this will last,    As our member, Sam, commented on a photo I posted last night on Instagram regarding our meeting last night – “So fun! Definitely nice to have a little normalcy in our not so normal time”.  But I know we are stronger than we think – we can take charge of our lives right now.  No need to wait until things come back to normal.  And last night was a great start to establishing some normal!

Thank you to those members that joined us for our first virtual meeting!  It was a lot of fun to see everyone and chatted about what each of you have been doing.

I opened the meeting talking about Quilting ourselves to a healthier lifestyle.  I thought I would share what I said, for you to take in and think about how quilting has benefited your life.  Enjoy!

Everyone has had their own path when it comes to quilting.  Some of us learn from family and friends and others just found our way to it.  Regardless of how we got into quilting, the skills we have learned have more benefits than we may realize.

There is an estimate of somewhere between 7 – 10 million quilters in the US. We already know how quilting can have positive impact on our lives.  But studies have shown quilting can have not only a healing effect on the mind but the art of quilting may help restore or maintain our health.

There are many aspects to quilting that have been uncovered:

·         Productive use of time

·         Engaging in Creativity

·         Colors are psychologically uplifting

·         Quilting is challenging, demands concentration.

·         We experience a flow or meditative state while quilting

·         The affirmation from others boosted our self-esteem

·         Finding a purpose which helps extend our life

·         Effective way to combat depression

·         And, quilts are often given altruistically which gives quilting an added purpose.

Not only does quilting have cognitive and emotional aspects, but it has long since been a social activity.

·         Where strong social network are formed and fostered

·         Long term friendships are created and nurtured

·         Overcome the loneliness we may experience

·         Many of us participate in Quilting Bees, Retreats, Conventions, Classes, Online groups and, of course, our guild.

And being a part of our Guild is the Best Social Club!  It’s our community!  We have many titles – whether we consider ourselves creators, quilters, quilt top makers or artists, it’s hard to argue the benefits that quilting brings into our lives.

I hope that last night we provided an opportunity for you to continue to stay healthy while staying at home and provided a little bit of normal. 

Happy Quilting, Lisa Handley

Creativity Presentation

Creativity Presentation

February 2020 Meeting

OCMQG February Meeting Minutes February 27, 2020 

A big welcome from OCMQG to our new members and our guests. Thank you for coming! 

Members shared their experiences at Quilt Con! Members enjoyed the variety of charity quilts in shades of gray! They attended lectures and met new designers. Overall they had a great time! 

We welcomed Jeff Warner, who shared his Quilter’s Journey and Truck Show. Jeff Warner has been a stitcher for 35 years. Entirely self-taught, he began by taking his clothes apart and using the pieces as patterns on new fabric. In 1991, he caught the quilt bug, and turned his attention away from clothing and into quilt piecing. Jeff has worked as a theatrical lighting designer since the early nineties, as well. He has used his sewing skills to create immense scenery pieces for the stage. Quilts took a hiatus for a few years. In 2002, he changed gears and began creating custom leather clothing, bags and accessories. In 2013, he came back to quilting with new ideas for an old style. Jeff specializes in Bargello quilts and is currently writing his first pattern featuring the unique design and simple construction of this old classic. Follow him on social media by following his hashtag at #jeffwarnerquilter 

Membership Update: If you have not submitted your new membership dues, please contact the guild email so we can get you in touch with Kaylin, our membership chair. We have to send our dues to MQG and we need to make sure that our membership numbers are accurate! The new 2020 Directory is attached for your reference! 

Workshop Policies: We have created a Workshop Policy that was reviewed with the guild. You can find the policy attached. 

Workshops: There are a few workshops that we have scheduled for 2020! We will have Cecil’s Color Theory on 4-4-20 from 10-4 (there are only 1 spots available!), Natalie Barnes 7-25-20 on Modern Piecing (Sign Ups will be in April), Jean Impy 9-12-20 on Spider Webs (Sign Ups will be in July). Please email ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com to sign up! We will also have sign ups at future guild meetings. 

Retreat: We have some locations options. However if you are interested in attending a Guild Retreat possibly in October, please contact the guild email! 

Block lotto: Congrats, to Sue F. and Dana L., who won last month’s blocks! This month’s block lotto directions is attached or youtube tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LN8q01GYZM . Please tag #OCMQG when posting online so we can see your blocks! 

Handmade Raffle: This month’s Handmade Item was a bag by Julie M. Thank you! A big thank you to all that have volunteered for each month’s raffle items. 

Challenges: April Challenge is coming up! The theme is “Opposites” and due at the April 30th meeting. Minimum size is 12×12 and much be finished and bound! We already have members working on their entries and we cant wait to see them! Members get a ballot and can vote for 3 entries Best Modern Design, Best Representation of Opposites, and Members’ Choice. We will be also having a Fundraiser in conjunction with our Challenges for Orangewood. Please bring donations of hygiene items. Bags and list of items will be handed out at the March Meeting. 

Fabric Drive: If you are looking at going through your stash and would like to donate you unwanted fabric, please bring to the next meeting! We will be using the fabric for philanthropy quilts! Thank you in advance for all your donations! 

Holiday Quilt Volunteers: Thank you to Karen M. for volunteering to quilt our holiday party quilts and Renee for offering to bind them! Thank you ladies! 

Social Media: Instagram 101 – We talked about Social Media. Using hashtag (#) boosts our following numbers. We can use for donations and designers for future use. Many members have 2 accounts, one personal and one public, to allow other followers to see your work and hashtags. Tagging #OCMQG will allow the guild and other hashtag followers to see your work. This is also a great avenue to share ideas, brainstorm, connect with other quilters, etc. If you need assistance in creating or setting up your Instagram pages, please see a Guild Board member at the next meeting and we will be happy to help! 

Color Theory Study: Our president shared about the author of The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color by Rachel Hauser. It is a hands on workbook for Mastering Fabric Selection. Rachel will be hosting a 6-month “follow along” that runs from March 2020 to August 2020. She will use themes and exercises in the book for us to use color together in what she is calling Quilter’s Color Quest. Check out http://www.stitchedincolor.com for more information. You will also want to subscribe to the blog and can follow #quiltersfieldguidetocolor and #quilterscolorquest on Instagram. What would be your color? 

Quarterly Sew-In: We are looking for a place to hold our quarterly sew ins. We are having trouble finding space as nothing available in Laguna Woods for 2020. If you have any ideas, please email the Guild! 

Upcoming Events 

• International Quilt Festival – July 9 -11th – Class information is up. Enrollments will open in early spring. More info at https://www.longbeachcc.com/events/international-quilt-festival-long- beach/ 

• OC Fair Submissions are due by May 29. See attached for details 

• The Camarillo Quilters Association Quilt Show on 4/24-25/20. More info at https://www.camarilloquilters.com 

• Grunge Contest by Moda, due in August, is an opportunity for original work, as no patterns are allowed! See attached flyer. 

• Color Theory Study: March 2020 – August 2020 

• Quilt with Color – San Diego’s Quilt Shop Hop 3/6 – 3/14 • Next monthly meeting – March 26th, 2020

January 2020 Meeting

Welcome to a new year of the OC Modern Quilt Guild! 

We had a lot of new faces and returning faces that included 10 Guest! Big welcome from OCMQG and Thank you for coming! 

Ice breaker: We asked members why do they Quilt? Members said to be Creative, its artistic, they don’t want to garden, enjoy creating art, the love for fabric, creates perpetual motion, stress relieving and creating calmness, tradition/family affair, and Community. 

Guest Speaker: We had a guest speaker tonight, Natalie Barnes, from Beyond the Reef. She took us on a journey on a reference of color. She shared 4 color schemes. The Hallmark Color Scheme is an opposite colors of each other: red/Green, Orange/black, Orange/blue. The monochromatic color scheme is different shades of the same color that creates designs. Allegis color scheme are adjacent on the color wheel. Teriadic Color scheme is comprised of 3 colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. She shared that if you throw in an “ugly” color into your project, it adds contrast to your work. You also need contrast on your quilts with color and scale. Its not always about being a light and a dark but can be a difference in color or scale. Color in terms of binding is to always finish or stop your concept of your quilt. Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowledge of color! 

Membership Update: Membership dues are due ASAP. Please submit your dues to Kaylin. 

Workshops: Next workshop is Play with Color with our very own Cecile Choi! April 4th, 10-4pm in Laguna Woods at Clubhouse 6. The class is $50 for members and $60 for non-members! Please contact the Guild email if you want to sign up! 

Quilt Con Update: Virginia shared our Quilt Con Charity Quilt. Thank you for all the members that made blocks! Our charity quilt is ready for display at Quilt Con. Tag #ocmqg if you see our quilt! 

Quilt Con is February 20-23 in Austin, Tx. Tag #ocmqg in all your post to keep all us at home up to date! We will have a time at our next guild meeting! 

Raffle: Handmade Item was a lovely table runner donated by Susie J. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Block lotto: Thank you Kelly for a fun fussy cut block. Cant wait to see what members have come up with! 

April Challenge: Theme is opposites. Members get a ballot and can vote for 3 entries, Members Choice, Best use of Theme, and Best Modern Design. Entries must be a minimum of 12×12 inches and finished quilt. 

Upcoming dates 

• QuiltCon is February 20 – 23. Look for our quilt. 

• Quilt with Color – San Diego’s Quilt Shop Hop 3.6 – 3.14, Register online for coupons 

• Southern California Quilt Run “Party on the Run” 6.16 – 6.19 & 6.23 – 3.26 

• International Quilt Festival Long Beach 7.9 – 7.11 (Class list available in March) 

Next monthly meeting – February 27th, 2020 

November 2019 Meeting

2020 Membership – Membership Renewals are due.  The dues will stay the same at $50 for the year.  We are not asking for new membership forms unless information has changed.

2020 Workshops – We will have 2 Work Shops for next year!  

New Sew In will be January 26th – All Day Sewing Retreat.  More information will be out later with directions and what to bring!  But plan to spend all day sewing with other guild members cause we have the location from 8am – 8pm!

New 2020 Budget was motioned and passed.

2020 By-Laws was motioned and passed with the amended changes for guest fees.

Thank you to our last year’s officers and chairs.  You have a tremendous part of our team and we cannot thank you enough!

Welcome to our new  2020 Officers

President Lisa Handley 
Vice President Cheryl Higley 
Treasurer Virginia Lucas 
Secretary Shannon Sciortino 
Membership Kaylin Murray 
Hospitality / Greeter Ruth Bailey 
Philanthropy Shari Smith & Diane Weinhold 
Block Lotto Kelly Hogan 
Web / Social Media Gail Sevilla 
Facilities (LW resident) Karen Miller 
Programming / Education Mary Anne Skorpanich 
Workshops Mary O’Bannon & Susie Johnson 
Raffle & Door Prizes Sue Fukuda & Julie McCluney 

For January’s for our Block Lotto, we will have a Show and Tell of all Block Lotto Quilts!  So bring those quilts!

Holiday Party,  will be held on December 8th from 12-5.  An evite will go out with all the details.  We will be having a Yankee swap of 5 Fat Quarters of quilting fabric.  We will be creating our traditional Charity Quilt as well. See evite for details!

We had a fabulous turn out for our Annual Children’s Book Challenge.  We had 19 submissions! All quilts will be donated to Orangewood Foundation with all their books!  Congrats to our winners, Julie M for Members Choice, Barbara K for the Best Modern Design and Jeri P for Best Use of Book Theme! Below you can see our winners. To see all of the submissions click here.

Show and Tell

Upcoming Events

December 8th – Holiday Party from 12-5pm

January 23-26 – Road to California

January 26th – All Day Sew In from 8am – 8pm

January 20th – OCMQG Meeting Day at 6:30pm

October 2019 Meeting

Our Meeting Topic this meeting was Modern Cream of the Crop.  We had a discussion about different modern quilting designs. We broke into 4 groups and discussed what makes a quilt a Best in Show at Quilt Con.  We had some great opinions and opened a lot of different perspectives! Thank you to all

Quilt Con Charity Quilt Con Update – We have a top!  Thank you to everyone that were able to help create over 100 blocks!  We are making progress on the text portion of the quilt and have selected with the word Balance.

Challenge – Remember the Book Challenge is due at the November 21 meeting: to participate please bring a book to donate to someone aged 0 to 24 along with a quilt that expresses that book.  Awesome prizes will be awarded for Best Modern Design, Best Book Theme, and Members’ Choice.  Books and quilts will be donated to our guild’s designated charity, the Orangewood Foundation, for foster youth in our community.   If you are interested in supporting foster youth further, please see https://orangewoodfoundation.org/ways-to-give/ or the service item wish lists attached.

New Officer Elections – Thank you to our nominating committee on their work on their slate of officers and committee chairs (attached).  We will be voting at our November meeting.

Budget Update – We also had a preview of the budget proposed for next year.  We also re-discussed the guest fee after 2 meetings for a flat fee.  We’ll be also voting on both of these at our November meeting.

Holiday Party will be on December 8th from 12 – 5 at Cheryl Higley’s house.  We will be having a Yankee swap of 5 fat quarters.  We will also be having a potluck. We will be sending an Evite will be sent out later.

Show and Tell

Opportunity Quilt – from Brach Cities Guild

Sew In – Nov 10th  last one of the year.  January will be starting a new schedule and our first one will be January 26th

November meeting is moved a week earlier to November 21

Helene and Barbara won last month’s block lotto.  This month’s blocks are improve pieces in fall colors.  Can wait to see how it turns out!

September 2019 Meeting

We had 2 new members and 3 Visitors at the meeting.  Welcome to all the new faces!

Ice Breaker – Members shared quilt designer that they admire and why.  Thank you for everyone that shared.  We had various designers as The B Social Group, Freddy Moran, Victoria Finley Wolf, Jean Wells, Nancy Crow, Freddy Moran, Twiggy and Opal, and much more.

This month’s focus was on Binding techniques.  We had two Binding Demonstrations Mary Anne and Sandy P.  Thank you Ladies!  They showed us Machine Binding and a Flange Binding (Double Edge Binding).

QuiltCon Charity Discussion.  Thank you for everyone that helped make blocks for our quilt.  We will be starting to assemble them next month.  We will be meeting on Saturday, October 19 at 930am at Santiago Canyon College, 8041 East Chapman, Classroom U8, Orange Ca.  For more information, please contact Virginia Lucas at virginialucas@hotmail.com

November Challenge:  Quilt based on a children’s books for children ages 0-19 years of age.  Quilts and Books will be donated to Orangewood Foundation.  Awards will be based on Best Modern Design, Best Representation of the Book and members choice.  Remember quilt must be quilted, finished and bound to be entered!

Holiday Party is December 8th at Cheryl Higley’s House.  Potluck style lunch will be served. We will be having our annual Yankee Swap of 5 fat quarters of quilting fabric.  Julie M. will be heading up the charity quilt.  More information on location and what to bring to come.

Committee Chairs and Officers for 2020 – We are still looking for volunteers.  If you are interested, please email us today!

Block Lotto – This month’s block lotto were lovely shades of green and was won by Helene and Jeri!  This next month’s block was made from a block on the MQG website.  It looks like a stunner!

Quilters Block – One of our members asks the group “How do you dispose your old rotary blades and needles?”  Members shared that they used old creamer canisters, reuse for paper crafts, sharps containers if you have them at home, old rotary blade cases, and more!  Thank you for all the advice!

Our Handmade Item were Puppies made by Gail!  Thank you Gail!

QuiltCon Charity Quilt Sew In – October 19 (See above for details)

October Meeting one week earlier due to holiday.  We will meet on October 24th

November Meeting one week earlier due to holiday.  We will meet on November 21

July 2019 Meeting

Quilt Con Charity Quilt

Virginia Lucas talked about the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge and asked for ideas on design concepts and the organization to which we will donate the quilt, since that could influence the design.  The committee is still open to members’ ideas on these and will begin their work at the next Weekend Sew on August 11.  If you have an idea, please email ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com and include a simple sketch and description.  There’s still time to get involved.

Quilters Journey

Lisa Hanley gave an excellent presentation of her Quilter’s Journey.   She started in the traditional quilting world and made a LOT of quilts using a log cabin design but her first inspiration was crazy quilts.  While she is still very fond of log cabin, she has evolved into modern designs and enjoys improv.  In addition to a number of quilts Lisa also shared books she likes and has found instructive as well as enjoyable.   Being a longtime scrapbooker, Lisa has scrapbooks she has made of each quilt she created.  Included in each entry is a photo of the quilt, some fabric swatches, and thank you notes from those to whom she gifted the quilt.  Her favorite part of quilting is planning – she keeps a notebook of ideas with details on fabrics selected and inspirations.  Lisa is a very organized and creative quilter.


Jeff Warner, president of Long Beach Modern Quilt Guild joined us a special guest.  Our sister guild is creating a series of quilts as a philanthropy project for OC High School for the Arts.  The 36” by 36” quilts will be used for the school’s stage production of Quilters, The Musical.  Most of the blocks are being created by LBMQG members but Jeff brought along several that our members volunteered to complete.


Dana won this month’s quilting book drawing for completing our online Member Survey.  If you complete the survey before the August 29 meeting, you will be eligible for next month’s final drawing.

Block Lotto

Ruth Bailey presented a new Block Lotto for next month using the Six Minute Circle by Dale Fleming.  Ruth assured the group that they are rather quick and easy, just as the title promises.

Quarterly Challenge

Asymmetry Challenge Quilt is due at the next meeting, August 29. 

June 2019 Meeting

Quilt Con Challenge Quilt

  • Theme:  Text
  • Color Pallet:  Gray Scale  
  • Committee of 5:  One main coordinator and a back up (design, piecing, coordinate group of members for completion), by 10/5 submit application, finished quilt put in mail by 2/5/20.  Please email the guild if you are interested in helping with this years quilt!

Quilters Journey – Helene and Trudy shared their journey into quilting.  Trudy got into quilting cause her mom took quilting classes at a local college.  Trudy would hand quilt in the car when on vacation.  When her mom passed away in 2006, Trudy, Helene and their sister finished all of their mom’s WFO’s.  Her modern inspiration comes from her daughter that likes her to create more modern pieces.  She doesn’t buy any fabric online, she likes to see the true color of the fabric. They are part of 2 modern quilt guilds and 2 traditional guilds. 

Trudy has hesitant with starting quilting.  Her first quilt was a WFO from her mom.  She doesn’t consider herself a quilter until 2009.  She liked quilting to fill her time that is more meaningful.  Her stash did not start until 2010-2011.  Her first dip and inspiration was when she starting going to Cecile’s shop, Sewing Party.  The thing that she likes about modern quilting is the ability to express herself with color and design.  She has finished an estimated 257 quilts.

Upcoming November Meeting –  Nominating Committee Volunteers: We are looking for about 3 volunteers to help the board recruit the next year’s board.  We need them by the July Meeting.

Big Bear Quilt Show – We have 2 free passes to the quilt show on Aug 2-3.  Email the guild with the subject line Big Bear Show to be entered for a raffle for the free tickets.

Sew In’s –  Next Sew-In is July 14th and August 11th from 12-5.  Our attendance has been very small.  Members were asked input on location, times, and day of the week would be best for members.  If you have any input, please email the guild.

A-Symmetry Talk – What draws your eye in?  Color, placement, location of main focal point, Etc.  Asymmetrical design has always been in trend.  Use items that represent weight and balance those items to make it interesting.

August Challenge – A-Symmetry Design, 12 x 12 min., group or individual, finished and bound, and awards will be based on Member’s Choice, Best Use of Minimalism, Best Modern Design.

Block Lotto – Last month’s blocks we had 2 winners, Kathy S. and Helene.  Next month’s block is a representation of stars!  Can’t wait to see them all!

Handmade Raffle – 2 bags donated by Kelly Hogan and won by Karen M. and Sharron K.

Survey –  OCMQG has created a survey for members to participate!  Please follow the link to complete yours!  All members that complete the survey will be entered in a drawing for a quilting book! 

Show and Tell


Thank you to all who were able to make it to our April Meeting!  Welcome to our new members and guest.  

New Name Tags – Thank you Shannon S for making the guild all new name tags for the guild! They look great!

Philanthropy – Thank you to Ann A. for all the hard work she has put into philanthropy.  She will moving to Pennsylvania. We will miss you!

Block Lotto– We had two winners for last month’s block lotto since we got SO many blocks back! Mays block lotto uses snowballed corners to create X’s.

Next Challenge – Sandra gave a wonderful presentation about what A-symmetry is and how it is used in Art and Quilting!

·     August Challenge: A-symmetry design

  • 12 x 12 minimum
  • Group or Individual entries accepted
  • Must be finished and bound
  • Awards will be based on Member’s Choice, Best Use of A-Symmtery, Best Modern Design

Quilters Journey – Susan gave a wonderful walk through of her quilting journey with MANY examples!

Show and Tell

Mark Your Calendars

·     Thursday, June 27th: Monthly Guild Meeting

·     Sunday, July 14th: Monthly Sew In, 12-5 at the Los Olivos Room (clubhouse 2)

·     Thursday, July 25th: Monthly Guild Meeting

·     August Monthly Meeting:  Next Challenge Quilt Due

April 2019 Meeting

Thank you to all who were able to make it to our April Meeting!  Welcome to our new members and guest.  We had 4 new members this meeting!OCMQG Retreat info– Date Change!!!  We had to change the date due to conflicts with the venue. New Date will be October 11-13. Email the guild if you are interested in coming to our first retreat!

Philanthropy– Ann A. shared a story of a little boy that didn’t like to read, curled up in a harry potter book and quilt made by Kathy Miller from our November Children’s book challenge.  Thank you to Ann A. for all the hard work she has put into philanthropy.  She will moving to Pennsylvania. We will miss you!

Block Lotto– Kathy Miller won last month’s block lotto. Tis month’s block lotto is a triangle paper-piecing block. Check out our April Block Lotto Blog to find out more!

April Challenge– we had 13 entries in this quarters challenge. We had some really great entries! Our winners were:

Check out the April Minimalist Challenge Blog for pictures of all of the entries!

Next Challenge:

·     August Challenge: A-symmetry design

  • 12 x 12 minimum
  • Group or Individual entries accepted
  • Must be finished and bound
  • Awards will be based on Member’s Choice, Best Use of A-Symmtery, Best Modern Design

Raffle Item:  Scissor Holder and collapsible bin made by Mary O. was won by Barbara K.

May Social – We will be a Spring Social on May 18th

Call for Quilts

Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds is accepting entries for an exhibit at Road to California, January 23 – 26, 2020. Exhibit entries are limited to SCCQG members of Member Guilds or Affiliate Members only.

Road to California is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2020. You are challenged to create a quilt that is inspired by this wonderful quilt festival and features a technique that was learned in a Road to California workshop  or uses a pattern/book and/or fabric purchased from a vendor at Road to California during the years 1995 – 2019.  Entries are due by November 1st.

OC Fair submissions are due May 24th. Visit the OC Fair website for more details

Website Revamp:  We have done a HUGE overhaul to our website.  Our new website is https://ocmodernquiltguild.com  Thanks to Dawn and Kaylin for all your hard work!

Show and Tell

Mark Your Calendars:

·     No May Sew In, Happy Mothers Day

·     Spring Social – May 18th

·     Thursday, May 30th:  Monthly Guild Meeting

·     Sunday, June 9th: Monthly Sew In, 12-5 at the Los Olivos Room (clubhouse 2)

·     Thursday, June 27th: Monthly Guild Meeting

·     August Monthly Meeting:  Next Challenge Quilt Due