Block Lotto – August 2020

The challenge for August is IMPROV! You can create any shape or design you like. Let the fabric inspire you.  However, if you are stuck some inspiration and online tutorials follow.  IMPROV TRIANGLES IMPROV CROSSES - Inset an “X” or criss-cross slices into your block. Choose your background fabric square. Next, … Continue reading Block Lotto – August 2020

Block Lotto – July 2020

Quilt as You Go is your challenge for July. Each kit has a square of batting and three colors. There are two ways to go about making your block. OPTION 1. Sew your scraps into a block that finishes about ~7x7. Lay your finished block over the batting. Quilt as desired. No need for backing … Continue reading Block Lotto – July 2020

Block Lotto – June 2020

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make a cactus or succulent inspired block. Design your own or take a peek at the resources below. You can put your cactus in a pot, add a flower or prickly pear, and I think these cactus block could lend themselves well to some embroidery … Continue reading Block Lotto – June 2020