Workshops + Lectures Archive

Over the years we’ve had the privilege of hosting many great quilting teachers and speakers. Here you’ll find an archive of what we’ve offered.

January 16th, 2022
Workshop: Libs Elliott
Improv with Dynamic Stripes

this workshop was held via Zoom

In this workshop, we will explore visually dynamic striped piecing and create one-of-a-kind striped compositions. We’ll review examples of how color, size and angles can affect visual outcome.

We will cover strip-piecing and how to cut equilateral and half-square triangles. Libs will share tips on ironing, pinning, and how to line up seams.

Participants will be able to make choices on what kind of stripes they want to make and how they want to cut their block pieces so, in the end, no two compositions are alike. During the course of the class, we’ll share our progress for group input. By the end of the session, participants will have the knowledge and motivation to complete the project at home (if not completed in class).

January 27th, 2022
Lecture: Jacquie Gering
Finding My Voice: An Artist’s Journey

this lecture was held via Zoom

Jacquie shares her journey from being a maker, to becoming a quilter, and finding her voice as a modern quilter, designer and author. Jacquie tells about her Mennonite roots, how her family inspires and influences her work, and shows through her quilts how she has developed her unique voice in modern quilting. Learn what makes a quilt modern from one of the leaders of the modern quilting movement.

March 31st
Lecture: Tara Miller
Graphic Quilts of the 20th Century

this lecture was held via Zoom

This presentation is packed with graphic, visually stunning quilts from the whole of the 20th century. Many of these have a surprisingly modern aesthetic! Throughout the conversation, we’ll put these quilts in context: historically, socially, artistically. We’ll explore some of our connections with the past that inform us, inspire us, and drive us in the art and practice of quilt making today.

May 15th
Workshop: Cecile Choi
Color Play

this workshop was held in person

Cecile will prepare a large poster-size color wheel for workshop participants where they will use fabric swatches to create their own fabric color wheel using either prints or solids. In addition, Cecile will bring some of her personal quilts and talk about how she approaches fabric color choices for those quilts to make the design pop.

May 26th
Lecture: Bill Stearman
BackPack Show

this lecture was held via Zoom

At our May guild meeting, we are looking forward to hosting Bill Stearman. Bill will share about 25 of his quilts and tell their stories.

June 11th
Workshop: Carolina Oneto
Organic Shapes

this workshop was held via Zoom

Carolina will teach you how to make curved shapes with your sewing machine! She will explain step by step, in detail, how to make beautiful shapes, which will give you the possibility to freely create shapes on your quilts. It is not appliqué. In addition, she will show you 3 variations of these forms (one form on top of another, one form next to another and one form within another) and will give you ideas to inspire you in your next creations.

June 30th
Lecture: Audrey Esarey
Finding My Voice in Modern Quilting

this lecture was held via Zoom

This lecture focuses on Audrey’s path to becoming a modern quilter and how she’s applied many traditional techniques in her modern quilts. Audrey will discuss the progression of her work and show her Radial Quilts, Watercolor Quilts, and a few others too! She’ll share information on design inspiration, favorite artists, and discuss some quilting highs and lows along her journey.

July 17th
Workshop: Audrey Esarey
Watercolor Quilts

this workshop was held via Zoom

The Watercolor Quilt is a wall hanging made from one large block that uses curved piecing to create the illusion of transparency from overlapping circles. The class will cover Audrey’s process for building a fabric gradation and tips and tricks for stress-free curved piecing. Take the guesswork out of color selection by using one of the published color gradations inside the pattern! The Watercolor Quilt finishes at 32 x 32 inches. Pattern must be purchased separately from

July 28th
Lecture: Teresa Duryea Wong
Hello Modern Art, Meet Antique Quilts

this lecture was held via Zoom

At our July guild meeting, we are looking forward to hosting Teresa Duryea Wong.

September 11th
Workshop: Jean Impey
Spider Web

this workshop was held in person

The Spider Web Quilt has been around for hundreds of years and there are many ways to make one.  Jean has come up with a quick and accurate method using your scraps of fabric to create a unique quilt. The great thing about the spider web block is that it can be made traditional, modern, or liberated. Learn new techniques that will improve your speed and accuracy, which will apply to all of your quilt projects. In Jean’s one-day class, you will have enough time to make a pillow. If you love the process, you can continue on and make the whole quilt. It’s fun, it’s creative, and you’ll learn techniques that you will continue to use on other quilts you make. There is an additional $12.00 Kit Fee which includes your own Plexiglass Kite-Shaped Template.