Block Lotto – July 2020

Quilt as You Go is your challenge for July. Each kit has a square of batting and three colors. There are two ways to go about making your block.

OPTION 1 – Sew your scraps into a block that finishes about ~7×7. Lay your finished block over the batting. Quilt as desired. No need for backing at this time. For an example, see:

OPTION 2 – Alternatively, cut your fabric into smaller scraps. Sew the scrap right side up onto the batting.

Then you will….

Quilt over the scrap to secure in place. Straight-line quilting looks very good in this method.

Grab your next scrap. Lay fabric right side down, overlapping the previous piece. Sew the seam in place.

Fold the second scrap over (right side now up) and fold down onto the batting.

Quilt this second piece as you go.

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