OCMQG February 2022 Meeting Minutes

Below are the OCMQG Membership Meeting Minutes for February 24, 2022. Please email us at ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Maritza Rodriguez Farr, OCMQG Co-Secretary

OCMQG Membership Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2022 (Zoom)

Board Members Present: 
Cheryl Higley – President, Lisa Handley – Vice President, Susie Johnson – Workshops, Gail Sevilla – Membership, Kaylin Murray – Technical Support, Mary O’Bannon – Workshops, Kelly Hogan – Block Lotto, Sam Saturday – Social Media & Website, Maritza Farr – Co-Secretary , Elizabeth Wing – Co-Secretary, Janet Segner – Treasurer, Ruth Bailey – Facilities/Hospitality/Greeter

Members Attending: 31

Welcome : Cheryl

Welcome – Zoom Etiquette

Next meeting on March 31st, is in person at Laguna Woods Village, 19 Restaurant & Lounge, Gate 12, 24122 Moulton Parkway, Laguna Woods, CA 92637, Rooms 1 & 2

Speaker will present via Zoom – Tara Miller on Graphic Quilts of the 20th Century,   Zoom link is for the speaker portion of the meeting only. 

Membership dues must be received by March 1st. $50 via PayPal or check. Send checks for membership renewals or new membership to Janet Segner, Treasurer. (check email for address)

April Challenge – quilt minimum size is 18” X 18”. Quilting must be done by the member. Can be done on a domestic machine, by hand or long arm machine. Award categories – Best Use of Quilting, Best Modern Design, and Members’ Choice

Under the Challenges ocmodernquiltguild.com website see some of the Webinars on quilting available through the Modern Quilt Guild. The Modern Quilt Guild website has many other resources too. 

Future Challenges – 
August – Mini Quilt Challenge 
November – Annual Book Challenge

Upcoming Workshops:
See the OCMQG website for details and Sign-up

Carolina Oneto – March 20th
Cecile Choi – May 15th
Audrey Esarey – July 17th
Jean Impey – September 11th
Rachel Derstine – two day workshop, October 30th and November 6th

Guest Speakers for 2022:
March – Tara Miller, Graphic Quilts of the 20th Century
May – Bill Stearman, BackPack Show
June – Audrey Esarey, Finding My Voice in Modern Quilting
July – Teresa Duryea Wong, Hello Modern Art, Meet Antique Quilts
November – Janneken Smucker, Amish Quilts

Show and Tell by Members:
Janell Searles, Jason Titus, Carol Stanley, Susie Johnson, Kelly Hogan

QuiltCon 2022:
All winners can be seen on QuiltCon.com. Please see the following instagram names and websites that provide details about the slides on QuiltCon presented at the meeting.

Best of Show: Hillary Goodwin @entropyalwayswins
Susan Manson @modernmanson
Lolo @lolomakesthings
Navajo Quilt Project- frenchgeneral.com
Michelle Wilkie   @ml_wilkie
Laura Loewen    @quiltfortco
Candace Murray   @sewlegacy
Nicholas Ball   @quiltsfromtheattic
Brittany Burton   @brittanybowenburton
Latifah Saafir      @latifahsaafirstudios
Patti Coppock    @patticoppock
quiltcon.com    tab to see winners 
@curatedquilts  (interviews in front of quilts with makers)
@carriebloomston (lecturer and fabric designer)
Roderick Kiracofe @roderick752 (collector and author of books on quilts)

QuiltCon 2023 will be held in Atlanta

Block Lotto:
February – Art Gallery No Waste Stroked Flying Geese.

At the March meeting bring cash to purchase one block kit for $2 or three block kits for $5. Thirty (30) kits will be available for purchase per month:

March – Cheater Hexies with No Y-Seams
April  – Korean Patchwork / Bojagi
May – Square Circles Block 

Social Media:
Facebook – Orange County Modern Quilt Guild and OCMQG Quilters
Instagram – @ocmqg (if you do not have Instagram, you can now view our Instagram posts via the menu on our website)

Lending Library:
The OCMQG is looking for a volunteer to help set up and manage a lending library for books, tools, rulers, etc for members of the guild. Items would be picked up and dropped off during in person meetings. If you are interested in volunteering, please email the guild at ocmodernquiltguild@gmail.com 

Please bring your pillow cases, quilts still needing binding, etc. to the March in person meeting.

Please consider donating any incomplete blocks, quilt tops etc to the guild for philanthropy projects.

Block Lotto February Winner – Gail Sevilla

Door Prize Winners – Shannon S. and Cheryl Higley

March in-person meeting final reminders:
Speaker via Zoom – Tara Miller

Dress in quilted clothing (optional)

Arrive as early as 6pm, but no later than 6:30pm, meeting start time

Mission Viejo Library Quilt Exhibit date extended through March 2022. Quilts by our member Jeanette Floyd are on display.

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