May 2022 Block Lotto

Square Circle

In your kit you will have two color fabrics. Both are blue or green shades.

  • In one color you will have two strips. 
  • You will have just one strip of the second color. (3.5 inch wide by ~18 inches)
  • Some of the square circles will have dark centers, some will have light centers, and some will have similar tones so don’t be distressed if your colors don’t match the photo below.

1) From the two strips of fabric you have, cut two 9.5-inch strips and one 3.5-inch square. From the single piece of fabric, cut five 3.5-inch squares.

2) Place a square on each end of the 9.5-inch strips. Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner. Sew on the diagonal line. Press the seam. Trim off the excess (similar to HSTs). Repeat for the second 9.5-inch strip.

3) For the center row, sew three squares together in a row. (Center square will match the corners).

3) Join the rows together to make your Square Circle. Press to the dark side.

These blocks are due at the June 30, 2022 meeting. Each block turned in at the meeting counts for one entry to win all the May blocks.

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