March 2022 Block Lotto

Cheater Star Hexagons

March’s Block Lotto is inspired by Calvin and Carolyn’s star hexagon quilts.

Each kit includes three pre-cut hexagons in neutral colors and a rectangle of printed taupe fabric.

  1. Out of the taupe rectangle, cut six equilateral triangles. These should be 2.25-inch triangles.
  2. Sew the triangles on opposite sides of the hexagon. Repeat with the other two hexagons. Once you have sewn on the triangles, you may need to trim dog ears. You should have 3 diamond shaped blocks once you have sewn the printed triangles to the solid hexagon.

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Once all diamonds are complete, sew each of them together, matching points in a row with the hexagons. The end result will be a hexagon quilt with no Y seams!

For a completed quilt using a similar technique, check out Stitched in Color:

COLORS: The fabrics included in all the kits are warm neutral tones.

These blocks are due at the April 28th, 2022 meeting. Each block turned in at the meeting counts for one entry to win all the March blocks.