Navigating the Mother Ship (or how to find stuff on The MQG site)

Hi, All - At the last meeting, there was a question regarding where to find links to the latest webinar on The MQG website. And then there were questions on how to navigate through the site... First some quick links you may find helpful: Mary Fons's Webinar, "Definition: Modern Quilting"┬áThis was fabulous. Worth at least … Continue reading Navigating the Mother Ship (or how to find stuff on The MQG site)

Benefits of MQG: Webinars

Last week, we posted about MQG's pattern of the month as one of the "perks" to belonging to The MQG mother-ship. This week, we bring you WEBINARS. About once a month, the MQG hosts a webinar on a topic related to quilting - Creative and Business. Past Creative Webinar topics have included Social Media, Being True … Continue reading Benefits of MQG: Webinars

Benefits of MQG: Free Patterns!

One of the questions that's routinely asked by new members (and current ones) is: What are the benefits of belonging to The MQG through OCMQG? Besides member discounts for QuiltCon (future post), every month a new pattern is released to MQG members. These patterns are designed by active modern quilters, many of whom have their … Continue reading Benefits of MQG: Free Patterns!