April 2017 Meeting

Little bit of Show and Tell to kick things off….

Batty Lady Presentation

Alicia showing off her wares – Wonderfil Thread and Batting

Thank you Alicia for the informative presentation on batting and thread! Thank you also for the gifts that our attendees received, and for the awesome door prizes as well! Alicia gave us a lot of great info on the differences between and advantages of various types of batting and the various weights of thread. The Threaducation Centre is located in Orange at 910 North Batavia Street (on FB: CA Threaducation Centre). You can purchase batting and WonderFil thread there. Once a month (usually the third Friday of the month) there is a “Thread Tasting” and there are also weekly “Thread Play Days.” You can bring your machine to the Threaducation Centre and they will help you figure out which WonderFil Threads will work best with your particular machine and for your sewing needs. Be on the lookout for some upcoming classes as well! Regular hours are Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and by appointment. Alicia’s phone # is 900-816-2545.

Upcoming Workshops

Indigo – Shibori Workshop & Lunch with Sandra Johnson

Sandra’s workshop will be held on June 3 from 10-3. The location is in a private home in South Orange County, and will be sent to those who register. It is $75 for OCMQG members, and $100 for non-members. To register, email Sandra at sandrajohnsondesigns@gmail.com

This workshop covers:

  • learn to fold, tie and clamp resist using historic patterns
  • indigo dye is a natural fiber which is what we will be using
  • dye natural fiber goods in an indigo dye vat
  • learn a method for creating an acvite dye vat
  • all fabric for dying provided by instructor
  • in class you will learn to create a variety of paper patterns which you can use on fabrics
  • Materials included: fabric for dying ½ yard white cotton, dye, lunch, and fun!

Scrap Swap

Elise brought four bags stuffed with fabric swaps and four lucky people were chosen via random number generator to take the scrap bags home! If you received a bag, take out the scraps that you want and then add scraps from your stash back to the bag and bring it back next month. Thank you Elise for coordinating the scrap swap!

Handmade Items Raffle

Susan made a cute sewing kit for this month’s raffle

Susan M. donated two gorgeous handmade items for the raffle: an adorable (and useful!) pincushion and a super awesome sewing kit. Thank you, Susan! We also had a donation of a framed embroidery sampler. The raffle items raised $30 for the guild.

Make It Modern Segment

We are trying something new, different, and educational at our monthly meetings! We will be exploring the tenets of modern quilting in-depth. We handed out a list with the tenets of modern quilting. Bunnie, Susie, and Karen A. brought in some samples of quilts to show their quilting journeys from their early, more traditional quilts to their modern examples. Then we discussed if/how their quilts meet the tenets of modern quilting.

At upcoming meetings, people will bring in quilts that they have made and based on the tenets, we’ll discuss what makes each example modern. It’ll be educational and interesting to see other people’s work in the light of the modern aesthetic! As quilters, we all like to try out something new and diffferent, and we hope that this new segment will help you evaluate your own work, and the work of other guild members, as we discuss what makes our quilts modern. For next month, bring a quilt that shows off your journey from traditional to modern to share with the guild.

Susie brought delicious cookies to the meeting, here is the recipe.

Block Lotto

As a compliment to last month’s “Blue Moon” block, this month’s “Comet” block is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Last month’s solid was white, and it used a pattern, and curves. with an online tutorial. This block uses black, no pattern, and only straight lines, with no tutorial. These instructions are a guide, but there will be some improvisational decisions to make, and some monkeying around to fit the block together. Some may find this bit of freedom fun and easy, while some may find it more challenging.

The Guild provided one 11.5″ square of Kona Black. Participants provide scraps from their stash in three or more shades of a single color. It’s okay to use prints that read as solid. Please see the instructions under April Block lotto for how-to’s and tips for this block.

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