Alicia showing off her wares – Wonderfil Thread and Batting

Thank you Alicia for the informative presentation on batting and thread at our April 2017 Meeting! Thank you also for the gifts that our attendees received, and for the awesome door prizes as well! Alicia gave us a lot of great info on the differences between and advantages of various types of batting and the various weights of thread. The Threaducation Centre is located in Orange at 910 North Batavia Street (on FB: CA Threaducation Centre). You can purchase batting and WonderFil thread there. Once a month (usually the third Friday of the month) there is a “Thread Tasting” and there are also weekly “Thread Play Days.” You can bring your machine to the Threaducation Centre and they will help you figure out which WonderFil Threads will work best with your particular machine and for your sewing needs. Be on the lookout for some upcoming classes as well! Regular hours are Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM and by appointment. Alicia’s phone # is 900-816-2545.

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