2021 November Book Challenge

Maker: Sally Sloane
Book: Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk
Quilt Description: This twin size quilt is done from a collection of sea colored batiks with a sea themed embroidery added to the middle of each block.

Voted winner for Best Representation of Book and Members’ Choice.

Maker: Barbara Knapp
Book: Polar Bears & Bear Came Along
Quilt Description: I found this pattern of a momma & baby polar bear and just loved it. The pattern is called Polar Bear Peekaboo and is approximately 55” x 62”. It is the largest foundation paper pieced project I have ever done and really enjoyed doing it. I don’t know how many pieces are in it, but it is a lot. I wanted to keep the quilting simple so I did straight lines at an angle. I also did a double edge binding which gave a little pop of white around the edge.

Maker: Gail Sevilla
You Will Leave a Trail of Stars by Lisa Congdon
Quilt Description:
I was inspired by an alphabet I bought from Laura Hartrich, @laurahartrich. I wanted to make something scrappy. Just now, looking at her feed, I guess I was inspired to add stars from a baby quilt she made. Who doesn’t support “Girl Power”? Lisa’s book is full of colorful illustrations and empowering essays. It is actually a coincidence that the colorway turned out to be so close to the cover. I chose the Kona blue “Storm” as it is brighter than navy and would work with all the colors.

Voted winner for Best Modern Design

Maker: Susan Manson
You Matter by Christian Robinson
Quilt Description:
Using a block lotto win I was able to create two toddler-sized quilts. The abundance of color plus being bound in a variety of skin tones reinforces the story of inclusion no matter your gender, ability, or ethnicity. Two copies of the book and two pillow cases using Ann Kelle’s “See Us, Hear Us, Love Us” fabric will be included.

Maker: Betty Altstadt
Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston. The book centers on a 13 year old girl, Amari, who goes on a search for her missing brother. She discovers that she has a place in the supernatural world. To help her figure things out, she meets up with a wise man who plucks constellations out of the sky. He gives her the stars and has her toss them back into the sky, where she sees her ancestors, herself and her future.
Quilt Description:
The quilt is my own design based on a nine patch with wonky stars. I selected fabrics to give a feeling of being under a starry sky. The quilt was long-armed by Cosmic Quilts. The binding is by M&S fabrics and the back reminds me of colorful paint swatches.

Maker: Kelly Hogan
This book was a sci-fi coming of age novel about a young girl breaking free from an abusive home life and starting a new life with friends, food, and kindness. It’s also about autonomy and making choices and how people should be treated. I picked fabrics with happy food for the back. The front has fabrics with empowering messages for girls inspired by RBG.

Maker: Julie McCluney
Book: Z is for Moose

November 2018 Book Challenge

The winners! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Our popular November Challenge was to make a philanthropy quilt based on a children’s, tween, or young adult book. The quilts will be given to the Orangewood Foundation December 4th. Our members also donated and contributed: $440 in gift cards, 27 quilts in a bag with matching books (the Crazy Quilters Guild here made themed bags to match the OCMQG quilts so they were all like Gail’s), 3 sturdy backpacks, assorted toiletries and accessories, cuddly stuffed animals, empowering books for their library, and many, many earbuds!

The Orangewood Foundation and the children they service are very grateful for the OCMQG’s overwhelming response to their wish list. Thank you one and all for helping improve the lives of so many children in Orange County! And thanks to Ann Ainsworth for heading our philanthropy program.

The Challenge Quilts

This Year’s Inspiring Books