January 2020 Meeting

Welcome to a new year of the OC Modern Quilt Guild! 

We had a lot of new faces and returning faces that included 10 Guest! Big welcome from OCMQG and Thank you for coming! 

Ice breaker: We asked members why do they Quilt? Members said to be Creative, its artistic, they don’t want to garden, enjoy creating art, the love for fabric, creates perpetual motion, stress relieving and creating calmness, tradition/family affair, and Community. 

Guest Speaker: We had a guest speaker tonight, Natalie Barnes, from Beyond the Reef. She took us on a journey on a reference of color. She shared 4 color schemes. The Hallmark Color Scheme is an opposite colors of each other: red/Green, Orange/black, Orange/blue. The monochromatic color scheme is different shades of the same color that creates designs. Allegis color scheme are adjacent on the color wheel. Teriadic Color scheme is comprised of 3 colors evenly spaced on the color wheel. She shared that if you throw in an “ugly” color into your project, it adds contrast to your work. You also need contrast on your quilts with color and scale. Its not always about being a light and a dark but can be a difference in color or scale. Color in terms of binding is to always finish or stop your concept of your quilt. Thank you Natalie for sharing your knowledge of color! 

Membership Update: Membership dues are due ASAP. Please submit your dues to Kaylin. 

Workshops: Next workshop is Play with Color with our very own Cecile Choi! April 4th, 10-4pm in Laguna Woods at Clubhouse 6. The class is $50 for members and $60 for non-members! Please contact the Guild email if you want to sign up! 

Quilt Con Update: Virginia shared our Quilt Con Charity Quilt. Thank you for all the members that made blocks! Our charity quilt is ready for display at Quilt Con. Tag #ocmqg if you see our quilt! 

Quilt Con is February 20-23 in Austin, Tx. Tag #ocmqg in all your post to keep all us at home up to date! We will have a time at our next guild meeting! 

Raffle: Handmade Item was a lovely table runner donated by Susie J. Thank you for all your hard work! 

Block lotto: Thank you Kelly for a fun fussy cut block. Cant wait to see what members have come up with! 

April Challenge: Theme is opposites. Members get a ballot and can vote for 3 entries, Members Choice, Best use of Theme, and Best Modern Design. Entries must be a minimum of 12×12 inches and finished quilt. 

Upcoming dates 

• QuiltCon is February 20 – 23. Look for our quilt. 

• Quilt with Color – San Diego’s Quilt Shop Hop 3.6 – 3.14, Register online for coupons 

• Southern California Quilt Run “Party on the Run” 6.16 – 6.19 & 6.23 – 3.26 

• International Quilt Festival Long Beach 7.9 – 7.11 (Class list available in March) 

Next monthly meeting – February 27th, 2020 

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