Quilting Tools

We all need tools to work our quilting magic. Please leave a comment with the tool you use the most!

Bias Binder Calculator: Ever wonder how big to make your square to make bias binding? So Sew Easy has published a free excel sheet where you put in the length and width of your trimmed quilt and the width of your biased binding, et viola! It spits out how much binding you need and how big of a square you’ll need to start with.

How to Make Continuous Bias Binding: If you’re anything like me, you always forget which sides of the triangle to connect. Here are some links to on-line tutorials.

Craftsy: These instructions include clear photos with each step.

McCalls: Includes a video demonstration and clear written instructions.

Anjennette Klinder shows a unique way of doing continuous bias binding, without the long tedious cutting process on the end. The video is a Periscope, so it’s a live, unedited video, but be patient to see the magic!

How to Connect Binding: This is another area where I always have to quadruple check instructions.

OCMQG’s own Janet Crothers did a demonstration at a prior guild meeting. Watch the magic happen in this video.

Palette Builder: Play Crafts has a palette builder – upload a photo and the builder will show you the hex colors or the Kona solids or Aurifil colors that are the closest matches to the photo.

Randomized Quilt Top with Triangles! Play Crafts also has tools to help chose a random color palette or if you want to make a triangle quilt, this Equal tool randomizes the triangles and the colors in the palette in the size quilt you choose! Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 11.40.46 AM.png

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