June 2019 Meeting

Quilt Con Challenge Quilt

  • Theme:  Text
  • Color Pallet:  Gray Scale  
  • Committee of 5:  One main coordinator and a back up (design, piecing, coordinate group of members for completion), by 10/5 submit application, finished quilt put in mail by 2/5/20.  Please email the guild if you are interested in helping with this years quilt!

Quilters Journey – Helene and Trudy shared their journey into quilting.  Trudy got into quilting cause her mom took quilting classes at a local college.  Trudy would hand quilt in the car when on vacation.  When her mom passed away in 2006, Trudy, Helene and their sister finished all of their mom’s WFO’s.  Her modern inspiration comes from her daughter that likes her to create more modern pieces.  She doesn’t buy any fabric online, she likes to see the true color of the fabric. They are part of 2 modern quilt guilds and 2 traditional guilds. 

Trudy has hesitant with starting quilting.  Her first quilt was a WFO from her mom.  She doesn’t consider herself a quilter until 2009.  She liked quilting to fill her time that is more meaningful.  Her stash did not start until 2010-2011.  Her first dip and inspiration was when she starting going to Cecile’s shop, Sewing Party.  The thing that she likes about modern quilting is the ability to express herself with color and design.  She has finished an estimated 257 quilts.

Upcoming November Meeting –  Nominating Committee Volunteers: We are looking for about 3 volunteers to help the board recruit the next year’s board.  We need them by the July Meeting.

Big Bear Quilt Show – We have 2 free passes to the quilt show on Aug 2-3.  Email the guild with the subject line Big Bear Show to be entered for a raffle for the free tickets.

Sew In’s –  Next Sew-In is July 14th and August 11th from 12-5.  Our attendance has been very small.  Members were asked input on location, times, and day of the week would be best for members.  If you have any input, please email the guild.

A-Symmetry Talk – What draws your eye in?  Color, placement, location of main focal point, Etc.  Asymmetrical design has always been in trend.  Use items that represent weight and balance those items to make it interesting.

August Challenge – A-Symmetry Design, 12 x 12 min., group or individual, finished and bound, and awards will be based on Member’s Choice, Best Use of Minimalism, Best Modern Design.

Block Lotto – Last month’s blocks we had 2 winners, Kathy S. and Helene.  Next month’s block is a representation of stars!  Can’t wait to see them all!

Handmade Raffle – 2 bags donated by Kelly Hogan and won by Karen M. and Sharron K.

Survey –  OCMQG has created a survey for members to participate!  Please follow the link to complete yours!  All members that complete the survey will be entered in a drawing for a quilting book! 

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