Pride Orlando Quilt Donation

(Written by Karen Aalders)

Sadly, there’s been another mass shooting in this county and the survivors and the families of the victims need a little love. Alissa Lapinsky, president of the Orlando MQG, is coordinating an effort to get quilts filled with hearts to those in need. I will be watching their blog and Instagram account for more details on when the blocks/quilts are due and where to send them.

Instagram is starting to explode with hearts….@morticia360 says it well, “I wish I could stitch back together all the lives that have been torn apart…in Orlando, in Roseburg, at Sandy Hook…this list is too long.”

Hearts 2.PNG

Let’s send some love from Orange County….I’ll be collecting heart blocks, quilt tops, and/or finished quilts to send to the Orlando MQG at our guild meetings on June 30th and July 28th . From the Orlando MQG blog:

My idea is hearts in bright, rainbow colors to represent everyone affected, and obviously represent the love we are sending them. We will be using a tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew to make 10″ blocks. And I ask that the quilts be no smaller than 5 blocks wide and 6 blocks long. You’re more than welcome to make them larger, I’d just like to keep them at the very least lap sized

…a varying, rainbow of hearts in bright colors, with a low volume background. I think the 10″ blocks will make the sewing a bit quicker, and give us more quilts for the victims. You can put the heart in rainbow order or not, that is up to you, but i would love for you to put a tag on the quilt so that the recipient knows who made the quilt for them.

Details: Blocks, tops, and finished quilts are all welcome!

  1. Cluck Cluck Sew Tutorial

    Cluck Cluck Sew: 10″ block in the back
  2. Blocks: 10″ blocks with a white/low volume background and bright, rainbow colors for the heart
  3. Tops: No smaller than 5 blocks wide and 6 blocks long (30 blocks total) or no smaller than lap sized (47.5″ W x 57″ L)
  4. Completed Quilt: Again, no smaller than 5 blocks wide and 6 blocks long (30 blocks total) or no smaller than lap sized (47.5″ W x 57″ L)
  5. Please include a tag or label on your work.
  6. Due Date: July 28th. Karen Aalders will be collecting blocks/tops/finished quilts at the next guild meeting on June 30th and at the July 10 Weekend Sew and at the July 28 guild meeting and will send to the Orland MQG as a gift from our guild

If you can’t make the meeting, or would like to send some out on your own, I will post the details once the Orland MQG has more information.

Let’s join the helpers and send a little love from our guild.




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