Maker: Joanne Treffner
Pattern Used: City Lights by Anne Sullivan
Description: City Lights – day & night. Driving into the city at night and leaving in the morning – so the back of the quilt is the same design mirror-imaged. The entire quilt is made of spotty fabrics with the exception of the green stripes that are the same back and front and serves as an homage to city parks. It is quilted with birds because what is a city without birds.

Maker: Mary O’Bannon
Pattern Used: City Lights by Anne Sullivan
Description: I took the original pattern and changed the colors and made it smaller. I quilted vertical lines with straight stitching and horizontal lines of varying lengths with Sashiko stitching.

Maker: Susie Johnson
Pattern Used: Merge by Karen Foster
Description: I chose “Merge” for this challenge because I felt it was the most intriguing pattern. However, I thought that too many fabric colors were used in the original so I pared it down to just three colors instead of the original eight. I find the design much more compelling with the limited color palette and the saturated colors that I used. I also used a more subtle curvy quilting design which I think emphasizes the improv curves of the pattern more than the very busy quilting on the original quilt.

Maker: Lisa Handley
Pattern Used: City Lights by Anne Sullivan
Description: Walk on the Beach – Fabric from Tahiti and some Grunge Basic

Maker: Barbara Knapp
Pattern Used: Rock Candy by Yvonne Fuchs
Description: I made a smaller version of this quilt because I didn’t have enough purple fabric and I really wanted to use the purple in it. I ended up using a 4.25” square for the curved pieces and half square triangles….what was I thinking :/>, should have used 4.5” or 4”. Quilted using straight lines about 1/4” apart.

Maker: Sally Sloane
Pattern Used: City Lights by Anne Sullivan
Description: Sunset From Walnut Beach, inspired by a photo sent to me from my cousin in Ashtabula

Maker: Jeri Polizzotto
Pattern Used: Rock Candy by Yvonne Fuchs
Description:My quilt Party Mints was inspired by Yvonne Fuchs’ quilt Rock Candy. I like how she took a block and switched the colors around so that when they are next to each other it makes a new design. I included many of the same elements as her quilt – a limited number of colors in the palette, a curve and half square triangles. I came up with a nine patch block (with 7 inch squares) and sewed them in 3 different color ways. The fun part was laying them out to see all of the different secondary patterns! My daughter collaborated with me on the color palette and we had a fun day dying fabric together, but now she wants the quilt! I quilted it on my home sewing machine. Thank you OCMQG for the fun challenge!

Maker: Dana LaVenture
Pattern Used: Disappearing Oranges by Cheryl Brickey
Description: My quilt is 35″ X 38″, named Autumn Leaves. The Disappearing Oranges look like leaves. Therefore I have created Autumn Leaves that are softly being blown by the wind and the leaves are beginning to drop. The leaves are appliquéd to the white background.

OC Modern Quilt Guild Members Only: cast your votes by clicking here.

Community Outreach Quilt Challenge – QuiltCon 2021

The Modern Quilt Guild announced its 2021 Community Outreach Quilt Challenge! This is one of the MQG’s largest scale charity projects, formerly known as the QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge. It’s an opportunity for guilds or teams of MQG members to create a quilt to be donated to a charity.

Theme: Curves

The design focus for this challenge is on curved piecing.

Color Palette:

Details on the Challenge:

We need volunteers:

Be a part of the fun. Email us if you’d like to participate.

Block Lotto – August 2020

The challenge for August is IMPROV! You can create any shape or design you like. Let the fabric inspire you.  However, if you are stuck some inspiration and online tutorials follow. 


IMPROV CROSSES – Inset an “X” or criss-cross slices into your block.

Choose your background fabric square. Next, choose two cross fabric strips. Cutting with a ruler or cutting freehand, slice a straight line through your background square.  The line can be going in any direction and at any angle. Next, sew a fabric strip in the opening you’ve cut.  You’ll simply sew the strip to one side of the opening and then to the other.  Press seams. Again, cut a straight line through your background square.   The new cut should intersect your first strip at some point.  




MQG Pattern Challenge – August 2020

SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY Submissions due by midnight on August 31.

For August 2020, the Orange County Modern Quilt Guild challenges its members to create a quilt using one of the five free patterns shown below. These five are among the 84 free patterns that the Modern Quilt Guild has offered to its members. There is a new one offered every month. You will need to log in to the Modern Quilt Guild to view and download the patterns, links provided below.

The August Challenge: (1) select one of the five patterns, (2) create it as shown OR modify it per your own creative impulses, minimum size 24 x 24 inches, any fabrics–solids or prints (3) piece the top, quilt, and bind, and (4) submit it for the Challenge due August 31.

Block Lotto – July 2020

Quilt as You Go is your challenge for July. Each kit has a square of batting and three colors. There are two ways to go about making your block.

  1. OPTION 1. Sew your scraps into a block that finishes about ~7×7. Lay your finished block over the batting. Quilt as desired. No need for backing at this time.. For an example, see:
  2. OPTION 2. Alternatively, cut your fabric into smaller scraps. Sew the scrap right side up onto the batting.
    1. Quilt over the scrap to secure in place. Straight-line quilting looks very good in this method.
    1. Grab your next scrap. Lay fabric right side down, overlapping the previous piece. Sew the seam in place.
    1. Fold the second scrap over (right side now up) and fold down onto the batting.
    1. Quilt this second piece as you go.

Online tutorials:



Register today! Come hangout, meet your guild members
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choice of quilting projects, share tips and enjoy a common
hobby together.
We have a host of giveaways and games to keep the fun
coming. You can jump on at any time and stay as long as
you want. This will run for 28 hours on a Zoom meeting
Early Registration $25 now until July 2, 2020 ending
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Reach out in our email, with your interest or any questions

Block Lotto – June 2020

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to make a cactus or succulent inspired block. Design your own or take a peek at the resources below. You can put your cactus in a pot, add a flower or prickly pear, and I think these cactus block could lend themselves well to some embroidery embellishments. Any size and any shape welcome. Any technique too!

Fabric kit is free this month. 1 kit per member available for pick up at the Swap & Meet. Color palette is white fabric for the background, greens for the cacti, and bright colors for pots and flowers.

Resources and Inspiration: